The Cities With The Highest Auto Insurance Premiums

Insurance Premium Variations

Many drivers notice that when they move from one location to another, they sometimes experience changes in their auto insurance premium payments. Today, variations in quotes for car insurance occur across the United States. Differences occur in part because driving conditions in some places result in more accidents. Both safe drivers and many insurance firms work to obtain cheap car insurance Texas individuals who are careful.

During the past several decades, the cost of obtaining auto insurance in most states has risen, at least to some extent. A survey recently released by a provider of data about the insurance industry,, made national headlines last week. The company listed the cities in the United States with above-average national auto insurance costs.

Two Texas Cities High on The List

Examples of the results of the recently released survey of urban auto insurance rates in different cities appeared in the national newspaper, USAToday. The results might surprise you! The city with the highest automotive premiums also possesses one of the most renowned connections with the vehicle manufacturing industry. Detroit, the town where Model T creator Henry Ford worked in the early 1900s, ranked first in the survey as the location with the highest auto insurance premiums today.

Two populous Texas metropolitan areas also ranked prominently on the listing of above-national average auto insurance rates. The article cited both Houston (and The Woodlands) and Dallas-Fort-Worth. These locations occupied the ninth and the 13th places on the list, respectively.

Some Lessons From the Survey

Since 1988, the auto insurance average premiums of drivers in the United States have risen by 43.3%. The cities listed on the recent survey stand out because premiums for drivers in these places have gone up at a faster pace than the national average. Possibly residents of impacted cities will find ways to promote safer driving and thus contribute to a reduction in the typically high average auto insurance premiums for drivers in these cities.

Auto insurance industry experts have also drawn a second take home message from the publication of the recent survey. Many people urge consumers in Texas to shop diligently in order to find the best possible car insurance premiums. Since many potential factors enter into the process of determining an individual quote, often individual drivers fare much better in the process of obtaining Cheap Car Insurance when they search carefully for the best deals.


Just as people remain unique, an individual driver residing in Detroit or Houston or Dallas may possess the ability to obtain a much better auto insurance rate by searching carefully for auto insurance. Some insurance companies reward careful drivers, for example. Many firms also offer lower rates to drivers who successfully pass recommended driving safety classes. By taking steps to maintain a safe driving record, drivers in Texas sometimes fare far better than average drivers.

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